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Nome da Mísica
  1. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show cover She's So Fine
  2. Rush Hour cover Evil
  3. The Essential Recordings - Vol.2 cover You You You
  4. The Essential Recordings - Vol.2 cover What's Good for the Goose
  5. Chicken Heads: A 50-year History Of Bobby Rush cover I Ain't Studdin' You
  6. Chicken Heads: A 50-year History Of Bobby Rush cover Ride in My Automobile
  7. Hoochie Man cover Garbage Man
  8. no cover I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
  9. The Chess Box cover She's Nineteen Years Old (Muddy Waters cover)
  10. Bobby Rush Live cover That Thang
  11. Night Fishin cover Night Fishin'

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