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Top 10 músicas mais tocadas por The Band CAMINO nos ultimos 40 shows.

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As músicas que serão tocadas ao vivo são do album:

Próxima Setlist

The Band CAMINO subirão no palco em aproximadamente 1:19. Aqui há probable setlist baseada em shows anteriores (89% probability):

Nome da Mísica
  1. The Band Camino cover Know It All
  2. The Band Camino cover Roses
  3. Less Than I Do cover Less Than I Do
  4. My Thoughts On You cover 2/14
  5. The Band Camino cover I Think I Like You
  6. The Band Camino cover Who Do You Think You Are?
  7. The Band Camino cover Song About You
  8. The Band Camino cover Underneath My Skin
  9. no cover Never A Good Time
  10. Tryhard cover Hush Hush
  11. The Band Camino cover Just A Phase
  12. The Band Camino cover Damage
  13. Heaven cover What I Want
  14. Tryhard cover Haunted
  15. Daphne Blue / See Through cover See Through
  16. The Band Camino cover 1 Last Cigarette
  17. Daphne Blue cover Daphne Blue

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