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Top 10 músicas mais tocadas por Anna Nalick nos ultimos 40 shows.

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As músicas que serão tocadas ao vivo são do album:

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Anna Nalick subirão no palco em aproximadamente 1:29. Aqui há probable setlist baseada em shows anteriores (91% probability):

Nome da Mísica
  1. Wreck Of The Day cover Consider This
  2. Wreck Of The Day cover Citadel
  3. At Now cover Aura
  4. Wreck Of The Day cover Catalyst
  5. At Now cover Lullaby Singer
  6. At Now cover Burn and Fade
  7. At Now cover Stone
  8. At Now cover All Through the Night
  9. Wreck Of The Day cover Paper Bag
  10. At Now cover Knots
  11. Wreck Of The Day cover Wreck of the Day
  12. no cover Hazy Love
  13. Wreck Of The Day cover Breathe (2 AM)
  14. Broken Doll & Odds & Ends cover Shine
  15. At Now cover At Now

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