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Nome da Mísica
  1. The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get cover Meadows
  2. Ordinary Average Guy cover Ordinary Average Guy
  3. no cover The Bomber: Closet Queen / Bolero / Cast Your Fate to the Wind
  4. One Of These Nights cover Take It to the Limit (Eagles cover)
  5. Barnstorm cover Turn to Stone
  6. The Warriors Original Motion Picture Soundtrack cover In the City
  7. Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits: Little Did He Know... cover Funk #49 (James Gang cover)
  8. But Seriously, Folks... cover Life's Been Good
  9. You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind cover Rocky Mountain Way

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Artistas semelhantes

  1. Funk #49
  2. Walk Away
  3. The Bomber A: Closet Queen B: Bolero C: Cast Your Fate To The Wind - Medley
James Gang Photo

James Gang

  1. Listen to the Music
  2. Long Train Runnin'
  3. What a Fool Believes
The Doobie Brothers Photo

The Doobie Brothers

  1. Slow Ride
  2. Slow Ride
  3. I Just Want to Make Love to You
Foghat Photo


  1. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
  2. Takin' Care Of Business
  3. Let It Ride
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Photo

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

  1. The Nine - Remastered
  2. Bullet Time - Spor Remix
  3. Ice Station Zero (feat. Kill the Noise & Mat Zo)
Bad Company UK Photo

Bad Company UK

  1. Centerfold
  2. Freeze-Frame
  3. Must of Got Lost
The J. Geils Band Photo

The J. Geils Band

  1. The Joker
  2. Fly Like An Eagle
  3. Take The Money And Run
Steve Miller Band Photo

Steve Miller Band

  1. The Stroke - Remastered
  2. Lonely Is The Night - Remastered
  3. My Kinda Lover - Remastered
Billy Squier Photo

Billy Squier

  1. Willin'
  2. Dixie Chicken
  3. Long Distance Love
Little Feat Photo

Little Feat

  1. Hotel California - 2013 Remaster
  2. Take It Easy - 2013 Remaster
  3. Life in the Fast Lane - 2013 Remaster
Eagles Photo


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